The Highwire-Obstacle Course Experiences at Treetop Trials

The Squirrel Practice Zone

This zone has the key components of The Pioneer and Hero Experiences for you to practice on the ground before you start your ascent into the tree tops.

The Wildcat Zone
The Explorer Experience from Age 5.

1 adult must participate per 2 children, *5-8 yrs inc.
Please ensure you book the correct tickets

* excludes birthday parties

Wildcat starts with a climb to the Laird’s Lair. You start you journey on the log followed by the net bridge to the climbing wall, few more obstacles, a small tree to tree finishing with a long zip down to ground. 5 to 8 year olds explorers will use our saferoller system which incorporates zip trolley as well as the safety line, and must be accompanied by an adult. Explorers age 9 – 12 years old may use the The Wildcat Zone unaccompanied, however will require an accompanying adult on site.


The Pioneer Experience
From Age 9,

1 adult must participate per 2 children for *9-12 yrs inc
Please ensure you book the correct tickets

The Spider Zone

Spider is the next section, much higher than wildcat, with spiders web followed by hanging Vines and log bridge all challenging users before they reach the final zip.


The Buzzard Zone

Buzzard takes you higher again starts with traversing across the entrance driveway on hanging vines and cargo net, once you’ve traversed floating islands, wind chimes and X’s, you must fly like the Buzzard across our swing. This section finishes in the zip line to a high tree, and then the canvas slide


The Adder Zone

A short walk takes you to Adder. Climbing the rope ladder takes you to the log trapeze followed by the swinging tyres. If your balance can take it, the surfboard crossed over the driveway again on the giant snake bridge. Coming your way finish off on our two fastest zips of the course, tree to tree, then tree to ground.



The Hero Experience – (approx 3 hours) over 13 yrs only.

Over 16’s can do it solo,  1 adult  per 2 children (13-15 years) pls note an adult must be present on site for under 17s.
Please ensure you book the correct tickets

The Hero Experience includes all zones in the Pioneer Experience plus…

The Stoat Zone

Our fabulous straight 12 meter tree climb with a variety of climbing holes that ends with an abseil down to ground.

This zone can be purchased as an add on for children of 9-12 years inc, if accompanied by at lest 1 adult per 2 children.

The Mighty Eagle Zone

A wee stroll will take you the Mighty Eagle Zone. Start your ascent with a 10 meter chimney climb and a couple of more meters up a tree, then onto a log bride at 12m high. Here you choose, the hard route or the harder route it’ up to you. To you right 4 zebulans (spring mounted platforms) or the left choose to dangle on the stirrups then leap the Adam and Eve leap of faith ( remember you are now 14 meters high. In true Hollywood style the hand zip takes to you to the final platform, where you connect to the quick jump for your final free fall decent.


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