The Explorer Experience

The Squirrel Practice Zone

This zone has the key components for you to practice on the ground before you start your ascent into the tree tops.

The Wildcat Zone –
The Explorer Experience from Age 5.

1 adult must participate per 2 children, *5-8 yrs inc.
Please ensure you book the correct tickets

* excludes birthday parties

Wildcat starts with a climb to the Laird’s Lair. You start you journey on the log followed by the net bridge to the climbing wall, few more obstacles, a small tree to tree finishing with a long zip down to ground. 5 to 8 year olds explorers will use our saferoller system which incorporates zip trolley as well as the safety line, and must be accompanied by an adult. Explorers up to 12 years old may use the The Wildcat Zone unaccompanied, however will require an accompanying adult. 1 adult  per 2 children for The Pioneer Experience. The Complete experience is suitable for over 13s, an adult must be on site for children form 13-17 yrs inc.


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