The Pioneer High Ropes Adventure

Up to 2 hours
6m/20feet – as high as a 2 storey house

Min age 9, height140cm

For your safety due to storm damage:

Pioneer and TreeTops By Night have changed.

Hero is closed temporarily.

Pioneer and Tree Top by Night - No Buzzard Zone but we have added The Tree Climb and absiel still giving up to 2 hours of fun and adventure.

9-12: 1 ADULT per 2 children MUST TAKE PART at height.

13-17: Solo –  an ADULT MUST  SUPERVISE from the ground



Dedicated Instructor party ideal for up to 6-8 children aged 9-12 yrs


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Enquiries for large school/youth groups please email to discuss our packages.


By the end of Pioneer, you have climbed nearly 50 feet.

The Squirrel Zone (zone 1)

This is an essential part of the course, here, you learn and practice how to use all the equipment before you head off on your adventure on our treetop obstacle course on both The Pioneer and Hero Courses.

The Spider – Zone 2 (nearly as high as a double-decker bus)

Spider starts with an approx 3.5 m high, (11 feet)  climb to spider’s web followed by hanging Vines and log bridge – all challenging you before you reach the final zip to ground. A wee walk takes you to The Buzzard Zone.



The Adder – Zone 4 (climb to 20 feet)

Climb the rope ladder to 6 meters high, ( nearly 20 feet), to the log trapeze followed by the swinging tyres. If your balance can take it, the surfboard, cross over the driveway again on the giant snake bridge. Coming your way finish off on our two fastest zips of the course, tree to tree, then tree to ground. What a finale!!


The Stoat Zone – (Zone 5)

Finally on to our fabulous straight 12 meter tree climb with a variety of climbing holes that ends with a ding of the bell and a relaxing abseil down to the ground.

How fast can you climb up ??

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